Novità 2018: Joy’s modular sandals

sandaly joy personalizzabili copertina articoloAre you ready to color your summer? With Joy Sandals you can customize your style whenever you want!

Joy’s Modular Sandals are soft, comfortable and, as usual, super colorful!

Here are some technical info.

The Sandals are composed by three layers:

  • The first, starting from the bottom, has a slip-resistant layer, perfect for every type of surface. It also comes with a little black wedge able to assure you a steady walk
  • The sole is in expanded EVA, a material similar to rubber whose memory foam function ensures a comfortable and relaxing wear
  • The ensole is covered in an anallergic fiber layer, easy to wash, soft and resistant

We wanted Joy Sandals to offer both comfortness and a unique stylish look.

Like all of our products, Joy Sandals are modular and don’t present any material of animal origin.

Buying a pair of sandals through our configurator you will receive an entire kit of the color you have chosen. With it you can create four different sandal models. By clicking here, instead, you can buy more shapes for the upper part of the sandals in the colour you prefer and mix it with the pieces already in your possession.

The shapes available for the upper part are three: flower, drop and double drop. They are to be matched with the lace in order to make a mule model, or with the ankleband.

Lace and ankleband can be replace with pieces of a different color thanks to their button system.




Being fashion has never been so easy! That’s why we created this intuitive, fast and practical way to change your Joy Sandals’ color and shape in few seconds.

Imagine yourself being on holidays with your Joy Sandals and many different components… you will save place in your luggage and always have a matching color to your outfit!

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