Alicudi, the most modular bag by Joy

Alicudi is our first creation: a medium shopping bag, perfect for every occasion

Alicudi is a totally hand-made product. It is the first bag model presented during an exposition, where it won everybody’s heart. The reason of this is it great modularity, that makes of Alicudi the most versatile bag of our collection. It is indeed perfect for all occasions!

You can add to the body of the bag a panel able to revest front and back of alicudi, but leaving the handles at sight in order to create beautiful lines. Adding the panel gives to the bag a total different look as you can see in the picture below.

borsa componibile in microporosa

We suggest you to choose handles and ribbons in a different color from the body in order to create a unique contrast, a much loved characteristic of this model.

In the bag there is a sack, easy to remove through clip buttons, that comes with a small pocket where you can place your phone or your keys.

Both the sack and the inner poket have a zipper in order to keep your belongings at safe.

To modify your Alicudi is really easy!  This video explains you how to do it in few steps.

When you buy your Alicudi you can choose every single part of it, from the color of each component, to the presence (or absence) of the panel. You can enjoy yourself creating your Alicudi bag by using the configurator present on our website.

If you don’t feel like spending time in creating your Alicudi bag, you can choose the one you prefer in this section, where we suggest you some of our best seller Alicudi, with the all time best seller trio in red, blue and white.


alicudi borsa componibile joy rosso blu e bianco


Create your style, or choose betweeen our suggestion.

Color your style, color your life!

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