Joy is a customizable fashion accessories brand made in Italy, but also much more It is the idea that came in Carlo’s mind, designer for more than 20 years, of transforming a traditional accessory, the bag, into something innovative.
A project built with his son Adriano, based on that idea of a brand that represents creativity, colors and sustainability It is the wish to contribute ti the creation of cruelty-free fashion, without utilizing materials of animal origin, offering an alternative to leather. The desire to involve the customers in the making, by offering them the chance to create their style everytime: changing parts of the accessory and recreating it

What do we do??

We utilize Eva, a resistant, soft and light material to create modular vegan fashion accessory made in Italy.
Our first creation was Alicudi, a little shopping bag of which you can modify and substitute every piece.
Alicudi’s distinctive lines and concept was received enthusiastically by customers that, as a result, asked for new creations and transformations. We answered by adding new materials and bag models (such as Roberta, Francesca e Alessia...) with the objective in mind to offer the customer a total look we created the Joy Sandals, belts and other accessories.
We have many ideas and we can’t wait to give them to you!