Joy Eco-Winter Fabric: Discover Them All!

We started creating fashion accessories in Eva but soon we have begun to expand our horizibs: the winter eco fabric managed to make your modular Joy bag more stylish and enable you to customize it even more thanks to their double face quality!

joy borse componibili vegan alternativa obag

When sunny days are over, you can feel the need to re-discover soft and warm fabric.  Our proposal is wide: choose from a more classic style to a fashionista one.


joy borsa componibile alternativa obag lousiana joy borsa componibile alternativa obag lousiana

Lousiana is a very soft fabric, already known for those who have followed us for years. For this winter we add to our usual grey version the bordaux one. A perfect match with black Eva for a firm constrast of colors, or a more delicate one with eva in grey or charcoal gray 🙂

This fabric is double faced, its back is in light grey.


joy borsa componibile alternativa obag chic grigio joy borsa componibile alternativa obag chic grigio

Chic is a fluffy fabric available in grey or white. One pantry, it can be successfully matched with every color available in Eva. If you want to win easily, match grey Chic with blue or black and white Chic with black. To get a more delicate look match it with bordeaux, if you want to dare choose green!


joy borsa componibile alternativa obag joy borsa componibile alternativa obag






The Pois fabric is perfect for your casual outfits. Available in grey or blue, it gives its best when matched with the colors present in its pattern: white,black, grey and charcoal gray for the first one, white, blue and grey for the second. This fabric is double face 🙂

Geometric e Righe

joy borsa componibile alternativa obag geometrico joy borsa componibile alternativa obag righe

The Geometric and Striped fabric are the only not double faced of our collection. Although are more soft and thin, united with Eva make joy bag resistant and light. The modular bag Chiara with striped fabric is one of our favourites!


joy borsa componibile vegan america alternativa obag

America is our starry pattern: match it with black, charcoal gray or green to highlight it! This fabric as well is double faced, the back is in light grey.

Unicolor Double Face:

joy borsa componibile alternativa obag double grigio nero joy borsa componibile alternativa obag double grigio blu

Grey/Black and Grey/Blue are winter’s must. Choose the combination closer to your style (or to the color of your winter coat!) and enjoy the many possibilities this fabric offers.

If you are into strong color you surely can’t resist to the Black/Purple double face.  If you are not brave enought to buy bag in purple, this fabric has got your back: you can always use the black side!

Camel/Brown and Orange/Brown


Winter doesn’t have to be grey! With a warmer color like Camel/Brown and Orange/Brown you can create a soft or decise look in brown. Choose your base in brown eva and get a monochromatic look with the side in brown and then a delicate one with camel or a stronger one with orange. Special tip: in summer the camel-white match is awesome! If you choose the part in eva in camel then you will only have to change the winter one with white and your Joy bag is gonna be ready for summer in a minute!

Choosing this double face monochromatic fabric, in bags such as Francesca and Alessia, you can create up to three different styles: 1 of the front color, 1 of the back, 1 of both!

alessia borsa componibile alternativa obag

Enjoy yourself creating your style and modifying it everytime you want! 🙂