Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Of what material is your product made of?

Our products generally made in Eva (Ethylene vynil acetate) a rubber derived material or Eco-Fabric. You can find more info about material in our blog or in the product details. If you are using the configurat you can read more info about the bag in the introductive section of the product of your interest. You can find it in the section “Bags” or Accessiories”.

How do I clean a Joy product?

It depends on the material it is made of.

Fashion Accessory in Eva: With water and a smooth cloth, while for the stubborn stains you can use a common degreaser. It is really important to use a smooth cloth: otherwise it can ruis the bag.

Fashion Accessory in Eco-Fabric: Cold water

My accessory is scratched, what can I do?

No problem, you can warm up the area with a common hair dryer and the scretch will disappear.

My accessory is defected

If once you receive your Joy accessory you find a manufactoring defect, do not hesitate to contact us: we will agree with you a pickup at your home and we will replace it.

How can I modify my modular Joy bag?

We are writing guidelines for every Joy bag. For some models you can already find some video on our youtube channel. Do not hesitate to write us in case you have further doubts!

Are all of the winter fabrics double faced?

Almost! You can find an article about winter fabric here

My Joy belt is too long

No problem. Unhook the buckle by removing the screws with a screwdriver, cut the exceeding part and replace  the buckle

How do I modify my Joy belt?

You can compose your Joy belt by utilizing the configurator here. Otherwise you can buy a different buckle or belt in the section what would you change?  To place your new components you just have to unhoock the belt, remove the screws, replace the part you wish to change and place back the belt.

How much does the shipping cost?

The shipping cost is usually of 7€ for shipping to Italy, but with a order of minimum 60€ or by using certain discount codes. At the moment of purchase if this results eligible for free shipping, this will result as selectable option before proceeding to payment.

When will my order arrive?

Once you send your order, it usually take 1 or 2 working days to elaborate it. You will receive a confirmation email when you submit the order and a confirmation of shipping. Once the courier receives your order, you will receive a mail from SDA with the shipping tracking. It generally takes 24/48h when the order is to be shipped in Italy, more to a different country. Write us to have an estimation.

Can I return my order?

Of course! In case you change your mind on the product you have bought you can return it within 30 days at the cost of 3€. Send us and email with “return” in the subject and we will explain you how to proceed and agree the pick up day for the courier. As soon as the order reaches our warehouse you will get a totel refund minor the return cost of 3€.